concrete5 Add-on's

I created the following add-on's that can be found on concrete5's marketplace.



Add effects to your images, like the 'sliding door' effect

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Add great visual effects to your images.

Create a portfolio or just some nice effects on one image.

Loads of options, preview a linked page in a lightbox or on the same page.

User Info

User Info - add-on for concrete 5 version 5.7 and 8

Display all kinds of user info on your site. It's very flexible, you can insert special tags within your normal content. Example:

Welcome {$ui_name}
There are currently {$ui_onpage} people viewing this page.
You have won {ui_points} points.
And these are your badges: {ui_badges}

Check also this blog:

Stack Manager voor concrete 5.7

Stack Manager - add-on for concrete 5 version 5.7 and 8

Organize and edit your stacks within one view.

Now also supports folders and multi-language !

Stack Manager voor concrete 5.6

Stack Manager - add-on for concrete5 version 5.6, to manage, preview and track your stacks.

Concrete5 gebruikt "Stacks" of "stapels" om bijvoorbeeld een stuk tekst of plaatje vaker te gebruiken. Zo zijn bijvoorbeeld de titel en logo van een site vaak ondergebracht in stacks, die op iedere pagina verschijnen.

Met "stack manager" is het eenvoudiger en overzichtelijker om stacks te beheren, bekijken en wijzigen.